Tutorials – using the free reference management software Zotero for your bibliographies

Dear All,

You can save time with bibliographies if you use Zotero – a free tool which allows you to manage references, quote, and choose a citation style for your papers or thesis. The tutorials below explain the basics of using this software (narration in Romanian). Suggestions welcome – feel free to share.

evaluation before exam

Dear All,

This should be the final evaluation before the exam. A few observations: I graded all papers submitted online or via e-mail by Jan 5th. I even took into account the initial materials – which weren’t supposed to be graded. If you think mistakes have been made, let me know quickly (I’ll check my e-mail again Monday evening).

I encourage people who had good presentations but whose grades were damaged by team ‘performance’ (that was the deal, sorry) or by not managing to submit papers to come to the exam.

Thank you for your contributions to this class, all best.

partial evaluation IV & feedback form

Dear All,

You’ll find below an updated version of the evaluation – note that it is not the final evaluation. As expected, given that I use team average for the presentation and discussion components, there is a flattening effect for grades within teams. As I explained at the beginning of this class, the point of this way of evaluating you was to encourage team coordination (planning, avoidance of free-riding, helping your colleagues etc).

I decided to take into account all papers posted/sent by Jan. 5th, without loss of points. Also, given that some people acted as discussants/presenters more than one time, they received some bonus points. In grading, I tried – and will try for the remaining papers – to take into account the difficulty of the material , and the time you had to prepare. If you submitted/presented toward the end of the class, I expected better prepared papers/presentations. That being said, it should be obvious that, for most of your, the grades are rather generous. I hope that you take the core courses of your programs much more seriously.

Please take a few minutes to fill-in this feedback form: evaluation_form . (You may wait until you receive your final grade.) Please e-mail the filled-in form to your group coordinator, and not directly to me. Do not sign the forms (unless you really want to).

Let me know if you notice mistakes in the tables below.

partial evaluation III

Dear All,

This should include the bonus points for the initial discussion of portfolios/rps (Ardean, Choitel, Dragolici, Georgescu, Lozonschi, Obreja, Scinteie – am I missing anybody?).

If you have been part of a team, but you have neither presented, nor discussed, for whatever reasons, then you should prepare for the exam.

for mcge

Dear Ms. Boricean & Ms. Pruna,

You have presented today, even if, according to the presentation plan submitted to me, you should have presented tomorrow (Tuesday). Thus, you have abusively deprived the colleagues who were scheduled of their presentation time. I did not agree to this change and this will have consequences for your grades.

My apologies to the team (Laura Marin & Anda Gavrila) which should have presented (I invite them to present tomorrow). I should have checked the presentation plan, but I assumed this was done in agreement in your group and I was surprised (to be polite) to learn otherwise. This is why I address this to the whole MCGE group – you need to be better organized in the future, and to show some respect at least to your colleagues (this extends to a number of behaviors, btw. – interrupting, talking over, offering remarks on their accent etc.). It is too late for this class (and I must say I am very disappointed), but it may help with the next.

rooms this week

Dear All,

Today we’ll meet together in room #307, from 6pm. Tuesday it’s #317 from 6pm, also together, and Wednesday #314 – CGE starting at 5 pm, MPE at 7 pm.

The official dates for the exam are Jan. 21st and Jan. 28th – but we can discuss this issue today.

Waiting for Superman

Waiting for Superman is a documentary made in 2010 directed by Davis Guggenheim. With 14 wins and 25 nominations this film is a call for everyone to react at the degradation of public education in USA. This film debates the usefulness of nowadays public schools in US. More than that it debates the fact that the educational system inhibits rather than encourages academic growth.

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Waiting for “Superman”

Waiting for “Superman”

A film directed by Davis Guggenheim

Davis Guggenheim, made quite an unusual title for a documentary film which is focusing on the education matter. The documentary is concentrating on the children and out-of-school teenagers of the United States of America, especially the D.C., and their search for high-class education. The movie tried to inform us, the spectators that even the people living in developed countries like the United States of America, could still face very big problems in their search for good schools. However, in the documentary the viewers were also shown that pupils can choose between a wide variety of schools ranging from government-dependent public schools to private public schools.

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The Century of Self – Reaction Paper

“The Century of Self” is a very controversial documentary, made in 2002 by Adam Curtis, one of the best British cinematographer and producer that ever existed! The maine idea of the documentary is based on the work of Sigmund Freud, Anna Freud and Edward Bernays and how it was used by the government and big companies to manipulate the population.

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5 Broken Cameras – reaction paper. Veria Stefana Maria, MCGE

5 Broken Cameras is a documentary film which reveals the story captured by a Palestinian farmer since 2005 when his last boy was born. The movie directed by Emad Burnad and Guy Davidi was screened in 2011 and won few awards such as Golden Apricot in 2012 for Best Documentary Film and 2013 International Emmy Award.

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The Ebola Crisis

Ebola is an extremly dangerous and higly contagious disease. It is definitely spreading at a rate unseen in the past. According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention this is the 24th  outbreak  of the disease that has affected humans in the last 38 years . So,  it seams that with Ebola  we are at the same stage we were with HIV in the ’90 s .

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Dear All,

Given that it seems some of you misunderstood the deadline for posting the irrationally demanding, nerve-racking assignments, here’s a compromise: you can still post your papers today, Jan. 5th (by midnight). All papers posted/e-mailed after Jan. 1st will get at most 15% (the max. percentage for this assignment is 30%).

This extension does not apply to those of you who already posted materials. Please, do not re-post.

the deadline for posting RPs/portfolios has passed

Dear All,

As I made clear in class, the deadline for posting – for everybody – was January 1st. I explained that there should be enough time for me to read your papers before your scheduled exam. So please, no more papers here or via e-mail, no triple chances to re-write a one-page paper, no more confusions about my e-mails ending up in your spam. You are in an MA program, act accordingly.

Thank you.


The yearning for independence in Catalonia has been increasing in the last decades but it was now, in the last few years, when Catalans started what we can call a revolution. It was time to raise our voices and we were not the only ones in the world. Scotland’s independence resolution has been a source of hope for many other regions, even after the negative results.

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The Age of Stupid – Reaction paper

The Age of Stupid – Reaction paper

“The Age of Stupid” is a documentary film, which appeared in 2009 and directed by Franny Armstrong.

The main actor of this documentary is Pete Postlethwaite. The action takes place in 2055 where Pete is living alone in the only archive left in a world destroyed by the human race actions to the environment.

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Where is Indonesia situated concerning the air safety problem?

After the 9/11 events, the entire world has suffered major changes in many fields and one of the most important was the air security domain. We are not only talking about anti-terrorist measures but also passengers’ safety precaution. The measures were taken into consideration and applied by the most of the countries yet incidents like the crashing of the Air Asia plane on the 28 of December 2014 shows us the fact that Indonesia may still have some problems related to the security matter.

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Enemies of Reason

Enemies of Reason is a documentary confronting the “epidemic of irrational superstitious thinking”, a trend that, somehow paradoxically, gains more and more ground in present days, in opposition with the scientific, fact-based and logical perspective of the world that made us what we are today.

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Revenge of the electric car – Reaction paper

Andrea Gligor – MPE

tesla model s

Why did I choose this specific production to review? Long story short: because I love Tesla. Because Elon Musk (Tesla Motors) dreams big and manages to make the dreams come true. Because when everybody else was running from electric cars and saying that the people’s concerns about global warming are futile, he was making an effort and seeing the benefit of investing into the future. Continue reading

PORTFOLIO: North Korea against Sony Pictures Entertainment

Can just a simple movie put the whole United States in trouble? Sony Entertainment is now starring the conflict with the president of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. The company has been judged for planning to kill the president in one of their movies: “The interview”. Tension is increasing and Kim Jong-un has threatened not only the company but other cinemas and cities for broadcasting the movie.

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so far

Dear All,

This is how the class looks from this side so far:

Please note that even if at this point you only see your individual contributions (presentation / discussion), it will be the team average that will be taken into account for your grade. Do your best so that your team works in fact as a team, otherwise your individual effort may be wasted. Btw, in a few cases I do not seem to know which team you belong to; enlighten me.

Bonus points will be added to your individual final grades. Exceptional presentations and discussions (the latter should be taken much more seriously in January!) and relevant questions/comments in class and on this blog will result in bonus points.

I will start reading the materials you published as soon as possible. Especially for people who wrote RPs on the same films – I suggest you look at what your colleagues have done and maybe comment.

Happy holidays, joyeuses fêtes, ¡felices fiestas!, sărbători fericite!

Why We Fight

Why We Fight is a documentary directed by Eugene Jarecki, which emphasizes that US foreign policy is dominated by military supremacy and show how, specially after 9/11, american citizens are manipulated to think that in the name of freedom and democracy, US needs to intervene and even dispense military forces if they consider it, everywhere in the World. Jarecki also underlined how deeply infiltrate army is in every sector of US life and activity.

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HOME – Reaction Paper

Carmen Teohari MPE I


HOME is a documentary released in 2009, directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. It shows how the diversity of human life affects and threatens the ecological balance on Earth, and how humankind actions lead to devastating effects on the environment and many living beings. In order to cover as many stages as possible, the documentary was filmed during more that eighteen months and it is mainly composed by aerial scenes caught from a small helicopter that flew over fifty countries.

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The War on Drugs

  The War on Drugs

-Documentary: The House I live in-

 In this documentary, Eugene Jarecki illustrates the situation from the USA concerning not only drugs, but the War on Drugs – and the vicious cycle that is being caused. And mainly that it is not a war on drugs, but a war on social class and power.

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China reloaded

China and the U.S. share responsibility for major global issues. Both countries share so many interests – in a stable global economy, in free and open sea lanes for transit of raw materials and manufactures, in maintaining peace in the Asia-Pacific region, and in coping with global environmental threats. All APEC forum discussions, agreements and China’s actions explain better their outcome: that of a new global leader. These are the main reasons of why I’ve chosen the articles listed below.

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The “Military Industrial Complex” in Why We Fight

The documentary “Why We Fight” presents one perspective regarding the intentions and motives behind US s invasions and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. According to the documentary, the wars started  by the US in the last 60 years were, in fact, acts of power, which had as main goal to show its influence across the world. War, in the case of the US did not only strengthen its power but also helped in the developing of what is known as the “Military Industrial Complex”. This term was coined by former president Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1961, and it has been used to designate a conglomeration of American private armaments manufacturers, contractors and high level of US government. Some questions remain after seeing the documentary. One of them is if the Military Industrial Complex is one of the moving forces behind the expansion desire that had been seen in the case of the US.

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Portfolio: Pakistan’s view on terrorism

The following portfolio of articles has the objective to debate Pakistan’s view on terrorism. The interest in covering this subject stands in the proximity of Pakistan to the Afghan border and the fact that Osama bin Laden, the founder and head of the Islamist militant group al-Qaeda, has been found and killed in Pakistan on May 2, 2011. There are three articles presented: a coverage of the Pakistani militant strikes in Kashmir from 5th  of December 2015, one coverage of the Peshawar attack from 16th  of December, 2015 and one debating Pakistan’s view on terrorism.

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5 years of conflict captured by “5 broken cameras”


Five broken cameras is a documentary dealing with the non-violent resistance in Bil’in, a small Palestinian village partly occupied by Israeli armed forces. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is seen through the lens of five cameras used by Emad Burnat, a Palestinian farmer who wants to show how the relationship between the two parts evolves over five years.

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Why we fight?- Reaction Paper

The film takes its title from Frank Capra (Mr. Jarecki borrowed the title “Why We Fight” from a series of films made by Frank Capra for the military during World War II, and it’s after that war that the story of the military-industrial complex begins)and its starting point is President Eisenhower’s prescient warning when he left office in 1961 about the “military-industrial complex” ( witch comprises the policy and monetary relationships which exist between legislators, national armed forces and the army industry that supports them) and the danger of it turning into a “permanent defence industry of vast proportions”.

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Home – Reaction Paper

The Earth is the engine of our existence , offering us the necessary resources to live, breath , eat and enjoy every day of our lives . But how were all these resources created , what is the impact of men on the natural environment and how can the humankind change the way it treats now all the gifts that the Earth is offering to it unconditionally?

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No shortcuts. No excuses. No more…”Waiting for ‘Superman'”

The purpose of this reaction paper is to discuss the issue of poor American education system in the public sector that can be compared at an international level, thus becoming a matter of globalization, since the phenomenon is also known as “Americanization.” The basis of the present paper is the documentary film “Waiting For ‘Superman’,” which depicts the American public education system of the 21st century, and given its impact at the international level, this issue can be related to in the European sphere also, turning it into a matter of globalization. In the first part of this reaction paper I shall summarize the main ideas presented in the documentary film, while in the second I shall insist upon the subject of charter schools, as a main concept discussed in the documentary.

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Les Nouveaux Chiens de Garde/The New Watchdogs (2012)

In this 2012 documentary, Gilles Balbastre and Yannick Kergoat take up a quite controversial topic: the supposedly neutral and objective French media and its ties with the political and economic players in France. The documentary is based on an essay with the same title written by Serge Hallimi, which was first published in 1997 and then reedited in 2005. The title of the documentary and the essay it is based on follow a previous attempt denouncing a similar issue: in 1935, Paul Nizan published Les Chiens de Garde/The Watchdogs, criticizing his fellow writers and philosophers for claiming to be neutral while upholding and promoting the political and social statu-quo.

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